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I am a Ruissian Ice Champignion!


Walt Cgrreschnitch
13 June
rhododendrons!!!!!!!!someone must have put it underneath the carpet!no,no,nothing there this time!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!Monkeys!!!Leeeemurs! Sea scapes!!!
The monkeys are coming next!!!
Off to travel the wastes of time and space with Algernon Crrruthers!!!!! Amazing facts!!!!!
Hello, pyramids, Egyptians!!
They won't get the best of me!!!!!!
48 CRASH! Like a lightning badge, and a silver SASH!!!!!
48 crash!!!!!
45 grave, 45grave, abel ferrara, aldous huxley, alejandro jodorowsky, alex de la iglesia, algernon cruthers, alice in wonderland, andre breton, automatic writing, balanceing brooms, balloons, bangle bracelets, beer, binah, blue, blue oyster cult, blue#1, boyd rice, buffy, butcher boy, carnations, ceiling wax, cervantes, chaos, chaos magic, chaos results, cheap trick, chimeneys, couches, crazy straws, current 93, dancing, danielle dax, dark folk, death, don quixote, drinky poos, eating scabs, feather boas, flamenco, gatorade, giallo films, glam rock, glitter, good luck, gore, guerrillabear, h.g.lewis, hair, hate, hermann nitsch, hoola hoops, hot pink, indiference, italian horror movies, jess franco, julie andrews, kerin elkins, kites, kitty cats, klaus nomi, laughing cow cheese, laughter, leanora carrington, lemony snickett, lemurs, leonor fini, lewis carroll, lobster quadrille, louis wain, lucio fulci, luis bunuel, makeup, mario bava, mary poppins, mashed potatoes, max ernst, mischief, modern dance, monkeys, mushrooms, nathalia edenmont, nurse with wound, nursery rhymes, other seasonings, painting, patrick suskind, piggy back rides, poofy skirts, poultrygeist, psychic tv, rain, randy grief, rhododendrons, rhymes, roxymusic, rubberchickens, satan, scab eating, scabs, sculpting, sealing wax, sex gang children, silk, skipping, sonambulism, sorrow, spain, specialfx makeup, spell, strawberry switchblade, strindberg and helium, surrealism, suzie quatro, tepid lemurs, tepid water, the bunny hop, the dirty jokes, throbbing gristle, traffic lemurs, trex, troma movies, v.h.o.k.b., vodka, water coffins, weasels, whiskey mountain, zombies